westlight 1024x683 - Waterfront Restaurants in New York: Those Views!

By 2020, views of the Hudson and East Rivers will be more in demand than ever, and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the excellent restaurants, including waterfront restaurants in New York.


The rooftop terrace of Time Out Market is the perfect place to enjoy impressive gourmet and rock star appetizers and sip cocktails overlooking Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. Every detail was curated for Time Out Market, including the breathtaking views, which are one of the best views in New York City, and the perfect setting for a cocktail or two.

Now the spacious round terrace with breathtaking views from the 22nd floor invites you to eat and drink al fresco. From one floor to the sunset, there’s more room for cocktails, and from dawn to dusk, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Grand Banks

This historic schooner has been converted into an oyster bar and is located on the piers of Tribeca, where tables are also set up. In the middle of summer, the watercourses flood, and in the summer months, it becomes the most popular place in the world for oysters and cocktails.

The River Café

The River Cafe is considered by many to be the best restaurant in Brooklyn and has produced some great chefs, including Anthony Bourdain, James Beard Award winner and New York Times best-selling author. It’s one of the romantic waterfront restaurants in New York that slides past breathtaking views of downtown Manhattan and is probably the most expensive of all waterfront restaurants.

Stylish dishes include a wide selection of seafood and seafood-centric dishes such as salmon, oysters, shrimp and crab, lobster, and lobster rolls.

Island Oyster

Governors Island pays tribute to the New York Harbor’s shellfish heritage by showcasing an oyster bar and outdoor beer garden created by the same crew from the Grand Banks. The French-style industrial food complex covers an area of 30,000 square meters, divided into three main areas: the dining area, the restaurant, and the stand – stand-alone meat and cheese stands, all located in a French-style industrial food complex. Take a sip of the rose, swallow sustainably harvested shellfish from local farms and oysters, then wash and wash, or watch yachts depart from North Cove Marina and head to Governors Island for an evening of live music.

Feel like you have only a limited amount of time left to enjoy the weather with an alfresco meal, visit these seaside foods. Choose from a variety of food, from dinner to cruises, boats, and bars, and choose from a variety of food, from seafood to seafood sandwiches and more.

Many of those restaurants are in Manhattan, making them perfect for both a visit on Broadway and a walk in Central Park!

Treat yourself with some fondue!