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The number of shows on Netflix can be a little overwhelming at first. But if you add something that happens in the great world of chefs, you won’t regret it. I’m certainly not the only one who thinks it’s fun to watch what others share every day. And see what they do for the hard work and fun. Here are the top 3 cooking shows on Netflix!

Sugar Rush

A fun competition show about a group of chefs from different parts of the world. They try to create different desserts to win the top prize. 

My personal favorite of Apron Warehouse is Netflix’s Sugar Rush. But let’s just say this show is entertainment that never gives up and never provokes many belly laughs. One thing you should know when watching this series: there is a real buzz. 

Each episode will be hosted by a special guest judge. Professional teams of two will compete against the clock to complete 3 rounds and win the ultimate prize of $10,000. Prepare your bakers to scream with excitement in front of the TV. Watch their creativity and skills come to life and be fully wrapped in an apron. 

The big showdown in family cooking begins with sixteen families. They are competing to make it to the final. They will be awarded a total prize of $10,000 and a special guest judge. This show is so much fun, frankly, not only because it focuses mainly on families, but also because the competition is fierce. 

To make it to the final, where they will compete for the family crown, they will have to master all the cooking challenges, from impressing their neighbors to making it to the final. This exciting show may be the biggest family competition, but every family member in an apron counts in this equally exciting show. 

Chef’s Table

One way to get inside the heads of some of the world’s best chefs is through the docu-series Chef’s Table. Each episode follows the world’s most successful and famous chefs as they share their experiences in the kitchen and focus on their personal and professional lives. 

You get all the insights you always wanted to know about what’s going on in the kitchen and what you’re cooking, which could inspire you to cook for yourself. 

Million pound Menu

Million pound Menu is one of the most popular reality TV competition shows in the world. Watch as restaurant owners get the chance to turn their pubs into pop-ups and try to win over customer groups and Britain’s toughest investors. The show is about business and shows how much is invested in creating a successful restaurant. 

The top cooking shows on Netflix sometimes feature famous celebrity chefs!

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