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In the spirit of love and Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together some of the most romantic restaurants in New York. Of course, this list is currently limited to outdoor dining, but you’d be surprised how many restaurants in the city are perfect for a date night.

Savanna Rooftop, Long Island City

On the 12th floor, the Savannah roof, inspired by the savannahs of Africa, is enthroned. With acacia and eucalyptus furniture that create a peaceful resort atmosphere with grass, trees, green and blue accents, you and your beau will be captivated by the view and the laid-back charm of the room.

Want a date night with a little magic and then gogo into the cauldron for some of the most romantic and romantic food and drinks in New York City?

The Cauldron, FiDi

The beautifully proportioned double on Pier 15 offers stunning views of the Hudson River and the New York City skyline. Dine in front of a charming snow globe and enjoy a delicious menu with a glass of wine or beer for a romantic date night with your date.

Watermark Bar, South Street Seaport

Take advantage of the breathtaking views while you and your group enjoy the customs in your own heated glasshouse. You can also order a glass of wine or beer with your date or smoke on the water to have a more intimate, intimate experience.

Loulou, Chelsea

It’s the perfect, cozy winter experience, stay warm and cheerful at the LouLou in all weather conditions and book here.

Enjoy grass-fed beef with cheddar tied in linen and containing caramelized onions, or enjoy grass-fed grass meat, coriander and garlic butter. This new Chelsea spot offers a romantic atmosphere, a cosy bar, a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline and a warm, cozy dining room.

Court Street Tavern, Carroll Gardens

And don’t forget the delicious cocktails – how romantic are the glittering lights and curtains of the bar and the bright lights in the dining room?

Enjoy delicious Greek cuisine in a beautiful, heated environment, surrounded by vines and flowers. Choose from refreshing cocktails and home-cooked food prepared in the beautiful heated room, or drink with a consultant and enjoy delicious Greek cuisine.


Even Disney’s Lady and the Tramp told the kids that our favorite theme is food and food quake, food. There is so much to do with the other person, whether it’s a romantic dinner at the romantic restaurants in New York or just sitting on a park bench in Central Park!

Waterfront restaurants can sure be romantic!