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We have taken the decision to gutted the list of New York EAT, not to mention Uber-eaters and expensive gourmet restaurants. Frankly, no subjective ranking is perfect, so we focused instead on curating a feature that is easier to use in everyday life than just for special occasions. We committed to updating them every month to ensure there is a good balance between quality food, good service, and good prices. Here are the best places to eat today!


The cuisine at the Adda stays true to its roots and adds a modern twist, but the menu feels exciting every time you visit. A convivial dining experience where the food is as exciting as the atmosphere, and it’s always worth waiting for.

Crown Shy

The restaurant is barely the size of a shoebox, but the elite of fine New York cuisine prepare their finest food here, and you can walk in without breaking your piggy bank. Del Posto, managed by the partner, will open on the ground floor of an old warehouse in the heart of Manhattan’s Upper East Side.


Korean cookbooks by Kyungmin Kay Hyun, but the fascinating team behind the original outpost is in the room for pop-up rock desserts. Tapas here are influenced by the best tapas in the world, from Spain to Portugal to Spain, and each dish has a twist to keep you on your toes.

Via Carota

The portions are also perfect for sharing, and if you want to order and share the entire menu, there is no price. The venue says it is temporarily closed, but we hope to resume operations and see you soon. This cozy Italian restaurant is a rustic, elegant, and hearty gem, run by a team of chefs from the same team that runs the city’s most popular restaurants. Italian dishes such as the towering Insalata Verde and delicious pasta dishes make this a place where everyone wants to be a regular.


Everyone loves a good taco, and Claro will greatly expand the idea of Mexican cuisine in New York. The aguachile is not exactly a run-of-the-meal ceviche, but the scallops and other seafood of the day are marinated in a bath of bright citrus fruits and also have an unexpected heatstroke. It is a dish that successfully and expensively bridges the gap between the mega-hit tacos and the more traditional Mexican dishes. UB has done it again with its new Nolita dinette, where everything from fried crab rice to chicken and beef tacos lives up to its reputation as one of New York’s most popular dining experiences.

The kitchen in Oaxaca has a New York twist with a spacious backyard, and the tortillas are a complex mole that feels both traditional and modern.


These are the best places to eat today! Either quick bites or classy dinner options, these restaurants in New York provide outdoor seating, delivery and takeout!

Many of those places are in Manhattan, just a block away from Central Park!

Many of these restaurants are rather cheap!