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Whether you’re on a fantastic vacation or on a weekday business trip to the city, here’s a list of restaurants in Manhattan that offer brunch if you wish.  With five locations in Manhattan, including two on the Upper East Side and one in Brooklyn, we have no problem stopping by no matter where you start your day in this city. The outdoor restaurants offer stunning views of the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline, as well as some of Manhattan’s most popular restaurants.

Flora’s Bar

Brunch at Flora’s Bar is a great alternative to what you’ll find in most New York restaurants, but with a generous brunch menu that includes a wide variety of dishes, including a breakfast sandwich, brunch salad, and side dish. The generous selection of pastries, as well as the excellent service, the preparation of waffles and French toast, were worth it. 


Norma’s at the posh Parker New York Hotel offers the ultimate indulgent breakfast with a variety of creations inspired by classic breakfast dishes such as pancakes, waffles, and most of the timeless classics of American temptation. By eating a plate, your stomach could go back to childhood.

Lexington Brass

Known for its frozen cocktails and specialties, this is the place to make a weekend brunch or a soft brunch. Lexington Brass is a place to visit if you want a good breakfast with a great view of the Manhattan skyline and good food. The Williamsburg restaurant opened in 2011 and miraculously offers steaks for just $15 (for reference, Manhattan has ready-made salads and more).


Whether you’re strolling along the Highline or heading downtown to Tribeca, Bubby’s is your must – brunch in the city center. Opened in 2012, Eggs Hotel is located on North 3rd Street in Williamsburg. It offers great views of the Manhattan skyline and great food. The chef and owner is dedicated to the approachable and pleasant cuisine and La Tarte Flambee opens with the casual bruncher in mind, which is possible with French toast and eggs for weekend brunch. 

This is a firm spot for a soft brunch at the Flatiron in warm weather and is also one of our favorite brunch spots. Farmer’s are always fantastic and have all the kind of food that someone might want for brunch. Their bottomless brunch offerings are among the best in town and they have a wide selection of foods of all shapes and sizes that you or someone you like to eat at weekends. It`s also a good place to meet friends if you both want to go out for dinner at the weekend.    

The restaurants for brunch in Manhattan are superb! And there are some amazing evening options, like the rooftop restaurants and those with outdoor seating.

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