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Our streets could also be dense and inexperienced areas few, however, New Yorkers like to be outside. we have a tendency to host cocktail parties blazing escapes, nonchalantly inquire concerning alfresco seating in March bluster, and risk legal violation to picnic as we have a tendency to please. As summer temperatures tilt toward tropical, we have a tendency to square measure significantly inclined to eat, drink and be merry whereas sailing the high seas. (Or, y’know, bobbing on the sound.) luckily, a fleet of barge bars, cooking yachts, and roving schooners has arrived on New York’s shores, giving nautically minded imbibers opportunities to drink and ship out. Here are the finest boat bars and restaurants in New York!

Brooklyn Barge

Why it’s hot: This casual bar and eating place placed on a floating barge in Greenpoint is that the bank destination for season drinking in North borough. Sip on drinks like Eliot’s Spritzer( Aperol, St. Germain and flat-top with sparkling wine) or native brews like borough Summer beer and Coney Island imaginary being lager. Foodwise, explore for dishes sort of a Jamaican Jerk grilled sandwich and a sliced kale dish.

Must-try item: tug nachos, add tender bacon for $4, and force pork or chicken for $5

Insider tip: The Barge offers fun recreational activities like free kayaking and stand-up paddleboard lessons from Manhattan Kayak Club, further as sailing and fishing lessons.

The details: three poet St., Brooklyn

Grand Banks

Why it’s hot: located in an exceedingly 1942 picket schooner docked close to TriBeCa, Grand Banks is a chic complement to the sauteing Pan’s drunken bacchanal. a various crowd, united by the power to nonchalantly realize boat shoes, populates the sunny tables and zinc-topped bar, sampling cocktails, craft brewage, and seafaring tiny plates.

Must-try item: Porgy ceviche and Oysters Champagne

Insider tip: cook Kerry Heffernan, World Health Organization opened Eleven Madison Park, has taken the galley this year. New dishes embrace swordfish confit with pea shoots or native ocean bream Crudo with rhubarb and tarragon.

The details: Pier twenty five, river Park, between N. Moore and West streets; 212-960-3390

Frying Pan

Why it’s hot: A raucous, barnacle-encrusted party boat docked at Chelsea’s Pier sixty-six since 1989, the pan may be a perennial crowd-pleaser. could to Oct, the 1929 vessel is filled with day drinkers and happy-hour revelers preparation bird’s-eye views of the Hudson whereas rifling to DJs and live music.

Must-try item: Keep it easy with a bucket of Coronas and limes. Sustain yourself with the Pat LaFrieda cut burger and a facet of previous Bay garlic fries.

Insider tip: once this barge is a rocking everybody comes to a-knockin, thus crowd-surfing methods square measure crucial. notice a table before ordering pitchers or something you cannot eat with one hand; there are not any waiters and no reservations, and it’s each sailor for himself.

The details: Pier sixty six, river Park, near W. 26th St.; 212-989-6363

North stream Lobster Co.

Why it’s hot: For the fourth year running, this tri-level, floating lobster shack takes revelers on 45-minute party cruises into the Hudson. The liveliest scene is on the highest deck, thus arrive early and climb skyward if you would like to party sort of a rock lobster. additionally to the titular main dish, North River’s room serves blackened scrod tacos, peel-and-eat shrimp, and Pat LaFrieda burgers.

Must-try item: The well-stocked raw bar has catch-of-the-day oysters, littlenecks, crab claws, and shrimp, and usually has the shortest line of any counter on the ship.

Insider tip: The boat departs every forty-five minutes, however, that doesn’t mean your ride has got to be below an associate hour. be at liberty to remain on board for multiple rides — or use your second sailing to modify seats for a replacement read.


These boat bars and restaurants in New York provide an adventurous take on every dinner, along with amazing views towards NYC and perfect cuisine!

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