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Although Milan and Paris are known as fashion centers, the American city of New York is now crowned to be the world’s fashion capital. The city is not only rich in fashion events, but it is the center of the fashion industry. New York decides what is trendy and what is not. Its fashion influence is spread all over the world.

New York Fashion Week

NYFW is one of the four biggest fashion weeks in the world. The other three are in Milan, Paris, and London. It is organized every year in February and September. It lasts from 7 to 9 days during which time a series of events take place.

During NYFW world-famous designers show their newest collections in front of buyers, the press, and the general public. The shows are separated into two groups – Industry and open-to-the-public shows. The entrance is granted to visitors who are not pressmen or buyers. But still, a part of the events can be seen by regular visitors who have to purchase a ticket first.

Which brands attend NYFW?

This prestigious fashion event gathers together the most famous brands that dictate the fashion tendencies all over the world. Their clothes are presented by supermodels on spectacular revues.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is an American designer who has founded a brand with the same name. It is one of the leading American trade names for clothes, jewelry, watches, footwear, and accessories. The brand attends NYFW every year. It is counted as an accessible label because of its lower prices.

During the last fashion week in February 2020 Michael Kors presented a collection of clothes that bring comfort but at the same time make you look refined. Orange and nude tones were prevailing. The integral part of every look was the riding boots.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is an American designer, the head designer of his own brand “Marc Jacobs”. He is known to be one of the first designers to establish the “streetwise aesthetics” which is a mix of preppy, grunge, and couture style.

This year he attended the fashion week with a collection which is specific for its lack of prints. The colours were clear. The presented evening dresses were with many ornaments but still exquisite. All of the models defiling for the label had the same makeup – black eyeliner and red lipstick. It does not matter in what style the clothes are – this makeup is always appropriate.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch is another famous American designer. She is also a businesswoman and philanthropist. Her label named “Tory Burch” was founded in 2004. Although this is one of the leading American brands, it is not considered as a luxury. Its prices are accessible. Tory Burch bags, along with Michael Kors bags, are very common in America.

“Tory Burch” was part of this year’s spring fashion week in New York. The brand presented high-neck jackets and dresses combined with embroidered boots in different colors. The idea of this collection was to show in an unexpected way what it is to be a powerful woman. The clothes were not richly ornamented and their purpose was not just to show wealth but strenght and confidence.

And New York is not only the world’s fashion capital but also the global capital of musical theater. Broadway attracts people from all corners of the earth with the best shows on stage!

New York City is a great destination for art lovers! Check out the best theaters both on and off-Broadway, and be sure to do it in style!

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