pizza - Manhattan's best pizza

What do we think of when we have to eat quickly or when it turns out that we surprisingly have to feed the whole football team of the child? Or when we do not cook at all, but just want to enjoy something easy and extremely tasty? That’s right, it’s about the pizza! Pizza has saved the situation countless times for each of us, hasn’t it? Food, which has become a new food unit for billions of people around the world, continues to bring us pleasure and satisfaction like no other food. There is something about Manhattan’s best pizza that makes us want more and more! The pizza era will not end soon.

Just like on a normal day after work, and after a brilliant Broadway show, a slice of Manhattan’s best pizza with some cool wine or beer will make the evening as enjoyable as possible.

Here is some information on where to find the coolest pizza in Manhattan.

Ortomare Ristorante Pizzeria

Ortomare Ristorante Pizzeria is one of those Italian restaurants in the world that even Italians who have already visited them dream of returning. The restaurant has a great location and good prices in relation to quality. Nothing stops you from enjoying a pizza that tastes like Italy if you walk around Columbia University.

Sheshe Pizzeria

How does a $ 5 pizza sound to you? What deal! The restaurant is famous for its low prices and friendly staff who would be patient and kind to even the most demanding customer. The pizza is great, the people are great. The chef feels proud when he brings you your own pizza and everything seems to be just as great.

Nolita Pizza

You know that the typical Italian pizza is characterized by the simplicity with which it is prepared – a few but fresh ingredients, the irregular shape of the dough, and a lot of heart and soul. This is exactly what you will find in Nolita Pizza.


This would be cute and cozy for a romantic dinner for two or just right for our little family of four. Whether you eat pizza or homemade tiramisu, this small restaurant will take you to Rome. There are many hotels and hostels around, so it is great and convenient for guests staying there. The menu is small and discreet – not intrusive with many dishes, but they are selected among the most delicious. Pannacotta at the end of the evening? Definitely worth breaking the diet with a cheat day in Buchetta!

And are you up for some after-show drinks? These are the best places to grab something to eat around Central Park.