Living in New York City and want to stay stylish in 2020? New Yorkers have mastered the latest fashion trends to match their dynamic lifestyle. Here’re some of the great fashion items New York City women wear to keep being chick this year. Since we live and work at the heart of times square, we at Penny Bar know a thing or two about fashion. Let’s dive right in.

Fashionable trench coat

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One of the latest New York City fashion trends, trenchcoats are here to stay in New York women’s’ wardrobes. Elegant and classy, this fashion outfit was originally a men’s military coat (the name comes from the trenches of World War I). Still in fashion, this type of clothing will keep being seen on the streets of New York this year. 

Flat shoes

flat shoes - Fashion trends in New York in 2020

New York City girls are practical due to their on-the-go lifestyle. So, it’s not a surprise that one of 2020’s fashion trends includes flat shoes. They were so popular at Fashion Week and for a good reason. Some trendy varieties feature ballet flats in pink nuances and the timeless loafer style shoes.

Midi dresses stay in fashion

midi dress - Fashion trends in New York in 2020

Midi dresses keep being fashionable in New York City and beyond due to its versatility. Do you need easy and comfortable clothing for the weekend brunch? Wear a midi dress, that way you’ll feel comfortable and stay stylish. New York City girls wear them to both formal and more casual events. They match both with high heels and sneakers. So, keep them in your wardrobe this summer too.

Fashionable straight leg jeans

Fashionable straight leg jeans 1024x683 - Fashion trends in New York in 2020

 Denim is definitely fashionable in New York City. And particularly the ’90s-inspired straight-leg jeans, which will help you look cool and trendy, whereas hanging out with friends at the park or in a restaurant. Acceptable for the office too, depending on your profession.

Oversized leather jackets

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Moto jackets have undoubtedly been a fashion trend in NYC  for quite some time. This year New York City girls will opt for slightly oversized silhouettes as they are gaining popularity and becoming a new trend in the fashion world. 

But are you aware where you can see all the current trends? In Theater District! Broadway and the surrounding theaters are widely considered the beating fashion heart of Manhattan, so keep an eye out for the latest trend. You can easily spot the celebrities walking around and being all trendy, as well as ordinary theater-goers, looking as good as the actors!

The 2020 fashion trends and you

New York City girls and women know what’s in fashion this year. Flats shoes, trench coats, and midi dresses are just part of the latest fashion trends. See what matches your own style and include an item or two in your wardrobe. Why not take over New York with style? Give it a try.

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