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New York is a global financial, cultural, and art center. However, there is another reason why it attracts millions of tourists every year. New York is a multicultural city. It allows meeting people from exotic ethnicities and learn more about their cultural habits. Tourists can also experiment and taste exotic cuisine. Indian cuisine is very preferred because it contains specific spices. There are many  places in New York where you can enjoy Indian food but let’s find out which are the best Indian restaurants in Manhattan: 

Bengal Tiger Indian Food

Bengal Tiger is located on 58 West 56th Street in Manhattan. It is a small restaurant, and there is always a queue in front of it. Yes, you will probably wait more than half an hour to get in, but when you taste the food, you will be impressed. The menu offers the famous Indian meals Tiki Masala and Tandoori Chicken. Chefs use special spicing techniques, which is why the food tastes more authentic than in any other Indian restaurant.  

India at Time Square

You will find this restaurant at 332 West 44th Street in Manhattan. It is a stylish decorated but still a cozy place near the Theater District. It is a good choice for a family dinner because, firstly, it is not over-crowded. Secondly, the food is fresh and delicious. The best meals are Lamb Curry, Saag Paneer with Ginger, and Tandoori Chicken. Although it is located in a tourist destination, the prices are not high. If you like Indian cuisine, India at Time Square will not disappoint you. 

Indian Accent

Indian Accent is a fine dining restaurant located on 123 West 56th Street in Manhattan. To provide a proper dining experience, the restaurant has a restricted entrance – children aged under 10 years are not allowed. 

Chefs in Indian Accent prepare the food innovatively. They add specific Indian flavors to contemporary meals. As a result, visitors enjoy dishes that cannot be found anywhere else. However, the amount of food you receive is not satisfying for the high price you pay. Indian Accent is a place for connoisseurs. 

Mughlai Indian Cuisine 

Mughlai Indian Cuisine is located on 329 3rd Avenue in Manhattan. It is a small restaurant where you can try traditional Indian dishes. The prices are not high for the delicious food you receive. The restaurant has a special offer – 50% off the lunch menu. The best meals are Lamb Budja (keep in mind that it is very hot), Navratan Korma, and Biryani Chicken. The place is suitable for a quiet family dinner.

Indian cuisine is super tasty. The spices make it rich in flavor, thus it is super popular all around the globe. I’m sure that there isn’t a single town in the world without a place where you can grab some of it. The best Indian restaurants in Manhattan provide excellent meal and a chance to get in touch with the respective culture through the food. Be sure to visit them!

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