Swiss Cheddar Cheese Fondue 20 - Best Fondue in New York: A Real Treat for the Pallet!

The world is pretty scary at the moment, which always makes me scared, but I think cheese is pretty damn good with almost everything. New York is also home to some of the best fondue in New York, and I’m getting ready to dive into the restaurants and shops that offer them. Take a long fork, buy a traditional fondue from the time, bubble into the vat, think about how it will ease your worries and fears, absorb everything. Enter, the best fondue in New York!

Café Select

Serge Becker attracts many people because he not only serves the traditional fondue but also some of the best chocolates in New York.

The creamy fondue, placed on induction burners and cleverly integrated tables, is a fine coating of garlic and croutons. On the other hand, there are fried vegetables and sausages, and you can season with rich Gruyere raclette. In the winter months, two fondues ($29 each) are offered in the back room.


Taureau offers a selection of cheese found in a factory cafeteria in the Alps. The French chef – turned – restorer Jean – Pierre Ta Bureau does just that, offering a wide range of dishes, from the classic chocolates to the more exotic.

The Standard, High Line

In the winter redesign of the Standard’s courtyard, the festive space is filled with outdoor heaters and faux fur blankets that keep warm and cozy.

Blue Ribbon Brasserie

At the American Brasserie, fondue is served with Emmental Gruyere, which is doused with white wine, fruit, and brandy and served as an appetizer for $22.00.

Moxy Times Square

The Moxy’s east-west patio is decorated to look like Nicki Minaj’s move to Aspen. As winter approaches, après-ski concepts are beginning to be realized across New York, but none is as popular as the holiday barbie on the floor – to the ceiling – skis in the Moxie’s lobby.


Ladybird may be distracted by the fact that there is no meat on the plate, but chef Daphne Cheng does a great job of making the food as tasty as possible, even if it is a little too sweet. If that’s not warm enough, we recommend the grilled bread and the sweet and savory sour cream, as well as the chocolate desserts.

La Bonne Soupe

The $30 feast begins with a chopped romaine salad, and the Emmental Comte Gruyere is melted in a small white wine and served on a baguette, which is included in the price. French bistro, whose menu and numerous desserts are densely packed and warm animated. Originally opened as a restaurant for thoughtful diners, the restaurant has since evolved into a $20 chocolate sibling that can serve 2 to 3 people and is stocked with more than 20 different types of chocolate and other desserts such as chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, and chocolate ice cream.

Forget the hut atmosphere, traveling is not an option at the moment, and potatoes are prepared in the comfort of your own living room, with a glass of wine on the table and a cup of coffee in hand.

We love fondue. And the best fondue in New York is really a treat for the pallet.

Are you up for something gluten-free? It’s good if you’re working out!

Most of those high-profile restaurants are very close to Broadway!

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